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Door locks come in a wide variety that you can use on the doors of your home or business. Auxiliary, digital, lockset knobs and levers, and deadbolt locks can all be utilized in some way in your home to keep you and your valuables safe. Sliding door locks are attached to sliding doors which are frequently found in patios and enclosed porches in a home. Lockset knobs and bolts are the most frequently used form of door locks in homes across the nation. These door locks are easy to install and can be installed by you. Keyless entry locks are also common and preferred as there is no key that you have to use in order to unlock the door. For this type of lock you can set the combination which gives you better protection. A keyless entry door lock does not require any wiring or batteries and give you more security than door locks that use keys to open them with. Door locks can be installed by a locksmith if you prefer to have a professional do the installation procedure. Door locks come in as many finishes as they do varieties so that you can find one that matches your interior décor. No matter what type of door lock you choose for your home, the best quality ones can keep you feel safe at home. Door locks can be purchased from a home improvement store or online. Find and compare door lock prices so you can get the best deals.