Local Locksmith Saves the Day!

Its never funny when you get locked out but here is a very funny story about getting locked in! January 15, 2011 in Chicago, IL  A locksmith was called to The Cook County Jail Friday night after the lock to the main gate outside of the prison was frozen shut.  Visitors touring the prison were […]

Toddler Trapped in Bank Vault Saved by Locksmith!

Febuary 27 2011  Atlanta, GA18 month old toddler crawled into a bank vault while her mother was helping close the banks business for the day.  The bank vault was closed and locked by employees as they normally do every night.  This night however they had an extra deposit in the vault–an 18 month old toddler.  […]

Noteworthy Locksmith in New York!

April 15, 2011  Manhattan, NY At 14 years old it wasn’t even legal to be employed but Phil Mortillaro wasn’t used to having doors closed on him–or at least having doors locked.  That’s because he’s one of the best New York locksmiths there is and after 46 years of picking locks there’s not a lock […]

Your insurance will likely cover the full cost of a locksmith!

Question:  I locked my keys in the car and need a locksmith.  Will my insurance cover the cost? Answer:  Chances are, Yes!  Most car insurance policies with roadside assistance will cover the cost of a locksmith. From Geico:  You don’t want to be the guy in the parking lot maneuvering a metal coat hanger through […]

The Police will likely tell you to call us!

Here’s an excerpt from the local authorities: Question: If I lock my keys in my car, will the police open my car? Answer: Police officers will only attempt to unlock a vehicle if there is an immediate danger, such as a child or animal locked inside. The more technologically advanced cars become, the more difficult […]

Sliding Doors

Our sliding door lock will keep the sliding doors in your home safe from intruders. Sliding doors are frequently found on porches and patios and should be secured whether you are at home or not. Sliding door locks are designed to keep the doors from being broke open by intruders. Sliding door locks can include […]

Are Your Windows Safe?

Our window locksmith can install locks on your home to keep you feeling safe. Since burglars usually target windows more than doors when they break into a home, having locks on your windows can ensure your home security. Our window locksmith can recommend what the best locks for your windows are. Since there are a […]

Car/Auto Locksmith

A car locksmith can offer you the services of emergency lockout openings, removing broken keys, and also make new car keys for your car, no matter what year and model you own. A car locksmith can also make a chip key or VAT key for you, and even offer high security key manufacturing. A car […]

Local Service

Do you have a locksmith near me? Cities Suburbs Small Towns Rural Areas No matter where you are in the USA, it’s very likely we have a locksmith close to your location, available 24/7. Here is a list of cities, sorted by state, currently served by our comprehensive locksmith network. Don’t see your city? Give […]

Locksmith Trade Skills

A locksmith not only helps people get back into their homes or cars after they’ve locked themselves out. They also have the skills to repair, install and perform maintenance work on a wide variety of mechanical and electronic locks. Locksmiths also cut keys for locks, so they need to know how to use key cutting […]