Toddler Trapped in Bank Vault Saved by Locksmith!

Febuary 27 2011  Atlanta, GA
18 month old toddler crawled into a bank vault while her mother was helping close the banks business for the day.  The bank vault was closed and locked by employees as they normally do every night.  This night however they had an extra deposit in the vault–an 18 month old toddler.  The vault is time locked which means it doesn’t have a combination or key, and is virtually impossible to open up at night; a security measure designed to ward off would-be thieves.  Firemen and police failed attempts prompted a phone call to Ronald Snively owner of, one of the only Locksmiths in the State capable of cracking this vault. 

“It’s got to be very, very terrifying,” said Snively, whose business specializes in opening vaults and safes.

“I’ve opened other vaults a couple of other times with people in them, but they were adults,” said Snively, of Powder Springs. “This was a child and you wanted to get the door open as quickly as possible.”

Within a couple hours the door was opened and the child saved.